90W Synchron Adapter 6,5×4,4x10mm 19,5V incl. USB Output 2,1A


PATONA 90W Synchron Adapter 6,5×4,4x10mm 19,5V incl. USB Output 2,1A

Technical Data:
Input: AC 200V-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1,8A max.
Output: 19,5 90W max.
Output: DC 5V 2,1A max.
Plug size: 6,5×4,4×10
Größe: 140x60x36mm

All devices that need the same Ouput values and plug size can be also used.
The Power Adapter is compatible with the following devices::

M5000, M6000


C2110, C2111

500, 810

A4100, CA01007-0900
Vaio PCG- F340, PCG- Z505JS, PCG-400P, PCG-505JEK, PCG-700, PCG-705, PCG-705, PCG-705/S, PCG-705C, PCG-705C, PCG-705C, PCG-707, PCG-707C, PCG-707C, PCG-707C, PCG-717, PCG-717C, PCG-717C, PCG-717C, PCG-719, PCG-719C, PCG-719C, PCG-719C, PCG-729, PCG-729C, PCG-729C, PCG-729C, PCG-731, PCG-731, PCG-731, PCG-731, PCG-735, PCG-735, PCG-735, PCG-735, PCG-748, PCG-748, PCG-748, PCG-748, PCG-800, PCG-808, PCG-808, PCG-808, PCG-808, PCG-812, PCG-812, PCG-812, PCG-812, PCG-818, PCG-818, PCG-818, PCG-818, PCG-838, PCG-838, PCG-F150, PCG-F150, PCG-F150, PCG-F150, PCG-F160, PCG-F160, PCG-F160, PCG-F160, PCG-F180, PCG-F180, PCG-F180, PCG-F180, PCG-F190, PCG-F190, PCG-F190, PCG-F190, PCG-F250, PCG-F250, PCG-F250, PCG-F250, PCG-F270, PCG-F270, PCG-F270, PCG-F270, PCG-F280, PCG-F280, PCG-F280 , PCG-F280 , PCG-F290, PCG-F290, PCG-F340, PCG-F350, PCG-F350, PCG-F360, PCG-F360, PCG-F370, PCG-F370, PCG-F390, PCG-F390F, PCG-F403, PCG-F409, PCG-F420, PCG-F420, PCG-F430, PCG-F430, PCG-F450, PCG-F450, PCG-F480, PCG-F480, PCG-F480K, PCG-F480K, PCG-F490, PCG-F490, PCG-F490K, PCG-F520, PCG-F540, PCG-F560, PCG-FX140, PCG-FX170, PCG-FX210, PCG-FX215, PCG-FX220, PCG-FX240, PCG-FX250, PCG-FX250K, PCG-FX270, PCG-FX275, PCG-FX290K, PCG-R505TE, PCG-XG18, PCG-XG18, PCG-XG19, PCG-XG19, PCG-XG28, PCG-XG28K, PCG-XG29, PCG-XG500, PCG-XG700, PCG-XG9, PCG-XG9, PCG-Z505, PCG-Z505HE, PCG-Z505HE, PCG-Z505HS, PCG-Z505HS, PCG-Z505HSK, PCG-Z505HSK, PCG-Z505JE, PCG-Z505JE, PCG-Z505JEK, PCG-Z505JS, PCG-Z505JSK, PCG-Z505JSK, PCG-Z505R, PCG-Z505RX, PCG-Z505S, PCG-Z505SX, PICTUREBOOK, VGN-FS500P12, VGN-FS500P12, VGN-FS520B, VGN-FS520B, VGN-FS530B, VGN-FS530B, VGN-FS540P, VGN-FS540P, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS570, VGN-FS570, VGN-FS625B/W, VGN-FS625B/W, VGN-FS635B/W, VGN-FS635B/W, VGN-FS640/W, VGN-FS640/W, VGN-FS645P/H , VGN-FS645P/H , VGN-FS660/W, VGN-FS660/W, VGN-FS675P/H , VGN-FS675P/H , VGN-FS680/W, VGN-FS680/W, VGN-FS740/W , VGN-FS740/W , VGN-FS742/W, VGN-FS742/W, VGN-FS760/W , VGN-FS760/W , VGN-S380, VGN-S380, VGN-S380B Professional , VGN-S380B Professional , VGN-S430P/S, VGN-S430P/S, VGN-S460/B , VGN-S460/B , VGN-S460P/B, VGN-S460P/B, VGN-S470P/S, VGN-S470P/S, VGN-S67LP/B, VGN-S67LP/B

All devices that need the same Ouput values and plug size can be also used.

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