Battery JBL Charge 2+ 2 Plus MLP912995-2P


PATONA Battery f. JBL Charge 2+ 2 Plus  MLP912995-2P

Technical Data:
Voltage: 3,7 Volt
Capacity: 6000mAh / 22,2 Wh
Type: Li-Polymer

Compatible model number:

– Charge 2+ / Charge 2 Plus

Compatible part numbers:

JBL MLP912995-2P

Please note!

The cables for this battery are as follows:

Version 1

The polarity varies depending on the year of manufacture.
Therefore, please make sure to compare the connections of your original battery with the connections in our photo.
The red cables are on the right if you look from above at the contact shoe with the 5 contacts.

If you have the red cables on the left, please use this version!

Note for our dealers: This battery may not be offered for sale on amazon.

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