Berenstargh fast charger Mignon AA / Micro AAA Accus LCD-Display


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Op voorraad

Berenstargh fast charger for Mignon AA /Micro AAA Accus LCD-Display

The Berenstargh fast charger wasdeveloped exclusively for the high demands of all hobby andprofessional users. The LCD display not only allows you to checkthe current charging status, you will also see the current chargeof the battery.The built-in microchip protects the batteries fromoverheating or overcharging! With the purchase of a Berenstarghcharger you will get an excellent, exquisite product which willconvince you every day, a dream for every user.

– Charger for Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh Micro AAA andMignon AA Akkus
– LCD Display
– single slot charge – any AA and AAA combinations are possible
– reverse polarity protection circuit, defective cell detection,trickle charge, & overcharge protection
– gentle charge of the battery
– including german and english user manual

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